SAMARTH means able and proficient - the centre where one can find everything related to Ayurveda - lifestyle advice to cooking, prevention-maintainence of health to treatment for most of the Health problems. And all this based on its unique Philosophy.

All these services are offered by Dr Shirish R Karnik, the most qualified Ayurvedic doctor in New Zealand and other qualified staff.

Lambs Pharmacy & Natural Therapy Centre is one of the pioneers to start and establish Ayurveda in NZ. Lambs Pharmacy has supported Dr Karnik to establish his practice in New Zealand over the last 5 years. After 5 years of effort, The Samartha Ayurvedic Centre came into existence. We are proud to announce that the centre is well established in Auckland, New Zealand.

Goals of the Centre

  • Establish and spread authentic Ayurveda with its unique philosophy in NZ.

  • Conduct educational seminars and workshops for public.

  • Offer to maintain the health for healthy and help preventing diseases and offer treatment for sick ones by considering each one is unique.



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