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New Zealand

21 December 2003


Re: Dr Shirish R Karnik

In May of this year, I was diagnosed by biopsy as having an exceptionally aggressive form of prostate cancer: Gleason score 8. The disease had manifested itself by significant urinary symptoms.

My pre-treatment PSA was 1.46, the tumour was a clinical T3A and all other imaging tests suggested I was not metastatic. I had one of the few quite aggressive cancers that do not express PSA. This can be misleading and also make it difficult to monitor progress biochemically after treatment.

With the benefit of medical advice from within my family, I decided to seek a holistic approach to my treatment, combining conventional Western medicine with an Eastern herbal and dietary response. By recommendation, I sought the assistance of Dr Karnik for the latter. It was a very good decision, in my opinion.

There was delay in gaining access to radiation treatment, so I commenced the regimen prescribed by Dr Karnik, immediately, which helped to allay my concerns about the delay. My general health and wellbeing improved noticeably. I felt this prepared me very well for the radiation treatment, which commenced on 11 August 2003: firstly, by EBRT to the entire pelvic region to 45Gy at Waikato Hospital (5 weeks x 5 days x 4 fields); and, secondly, by HDR brachytherapy at St Vincent's Clinic, Sydney (20 needles x 3 doses), which completed on 23 September 2003.

The doctors administering both of these procedures each remarked how unusually well I was coping with their treatments, with relatively minimal side effects apart from sleep disturbance due to frequency, which has now subsided. I consider my physical and psychological resilience was greatly increased by the regimen prescribed by Dr Karnik. Moreover, I believe the confidence I gained, from knowing I was doing all that could be done in the circumstances, materially contributed towards the positive mental attitude I was able to retain throughout these challenging circumstances.

I now have a PSA test report of 0.05. The aim is for this to remain less than 0.5. I am continuing hormone therapy until September 2004 (one year).

I consider Dr Karnik exhibited an excellent professional appreciation of both Western and Eastern medicine and of the importance of their holistic interaction. In a very professional manner, he quarantined his assistance to me from the medical advice I was receiving in the Waikato, to not interfere. Moreover, he demonstrated his commitment to the Hyppocratic oath, by his prioritisation of my interests above monetary motives and by his wise and frank counsel, which gave me confidence and positivity.

I have mostly maintained Dr Karnik's regimen since my treatment. I feel very much better for it and I consider it is assisting my future prospects. With ongoing oncological support, which I also value, I believe I am optimising my chances for full recovery from what was a life-threatening disease.

Yours faithfully
Phillip Arthur Verry


To Whom it may concern

re : Dr. Shirish Karnik

Several years ago, when I was in my early 40's, I was taking prescribed medication for High Blood Pressure.A daily yoga practice and a healthier diet helped me to come off the medication, but as I grew older this was not enough.My BP crept up to around 160/120, and my GP wanted to put me back on medication. I was reluctant to do this, so I approached Dr. Karnik for Ayurvedic advice.
Under his very professional guidance I modified my diet further, stopped drinking coffee, and began taking an ayurvedic herbal medicine. Within a week my BP was down to about 110/80, and it has remained consistently at this healthy level ever since.I am very grateful to Dr. Karnik and his "magic pills" !

Thank you Dr. Karnik,
Ann Brice